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warm-hearted "有没有 hearted-kind或者kind-heart" 没有。语意重复。

you can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no 你可以用一颗善良的心和一个好人仍然说不

Once upon a time, in a certain town, there lived a doctor. He was a good,kind man and very hard-working. 1 of the day or night he was always ready to go to the bedside of a sick person, or to help if there was an accident. 2 li...

a kind heart is better than a good face 一颗善良的心比脸漂亮

Nothing is to be pain for the country,the nationality and the people but a kind heart, 没有痛苦的国家,民族和人民但是一颗善良的心, 这句话是没有语病的

She is not pretty appearance, but a kind of heart. She is not puffed up, very stable. She never requiting, just pay and pay. If not, let me ...

The only kind of real fantasy唯一的真实Illusions are a common thing幻想已经...The pieces of my heart我内心深处的每一个角落are missing you都在思念你When...


heart is an unfair kind 心脏是倾斜的物种 heart is an unfair kind 心脏是倾斜的物种 heart is an unfair kind 心脏是倾斜的物种


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